Friday, March 2, 2012

Why I Sell Lee Middleton Dolls

In 2008 I was searching for a doll on line for my granddaughter and ran across the Lee Middleton Doll website.   Immediately fell in love with their dolls. And you can see why above.  They have a life-like reality to their faces that just captures your heart. Very unlike most vinyl dolls you would find in the traditional toy stores. I bought my granddaughter, Alexa's her first  big girl doll,-Zoe aged for 3 years and up.   I already had a business in Miniature Dollhouses, furniture and supplies and when I spotted the invitation on the Middleton website to become a Dealer.  I thought -what a wonderful idea!  
My intention was to develop a website, sell the dolls and have them 'drop shipped ' from the Middleton Warehouse directly to my customer.  I chose the URL (Domain name) because I intended to offer the complete current line of  Lee Middleton dolls. And within a short time I did have them all inventoried on my website.  Soon I realized to give the best customer service and answer the wide range of customer questions about the individual dolls, I needed to have 'hands on' ability. So I started stocking the dolls.  That is when my house became a Doll Shop and warehouse.
 My love for them grew with each doll, with their impeccable quality soft cloth bodies and perfectly painted vinyl faces & limbs, all dressed in top quality outfits.

A word about Why Lee Middleton dolls are so special
Middleton PlayBabies were and still are specially designed to reflect the stages of a young child's physical and character development.  Many of these dolls also come in ethnic skin tones as well as Asian sculpts giving great diversity. 
Middleton NOW dolls were (I say were because they are no longer being manufactured) collector-quality dolls safety tested for children aged three and up. The same artist sculpts that were used for the ASC (Artist Studio Collection). Their bodies are weighted for realism, but not to the extent of the ASC Dolls. As of this writing I still have several of the NOW dolls in my inventory and offer them at discounted prices, because they need a home! 
The Artist Studio Dolls (ASC) dolls are rated as Collectible dolls for 14 years and up, but many are purchased for younger children, especially by Grandmothers wanting  to give a gift that will be cherished for a life time. Note the dolls are not dangerous for young children, it is just that the manufacture chooses not to have them certified for children. (Certification is expensive for the manufacture)

Over the years there have been many changes in the Middleton doll company that is now owed by Madame Alexander Doll Company.  But one thing that never changed is the Quality of the dolls or my love for them.
 Follow our Blog;  for updates on the New and  retired Middleton and Alexander dolls, with special reviews on the dolls; On my new adventure with Reborn Dolls; and On the ups and downs of owning a doll business in these changing times.
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