Friday, March 2, 2012

Madame Alexander partners with Sonja Hartmann

 Blog posted to my old Blog site on May 12 2010
Announcing a New Partnership between World Famous German doll Designer Sonja Hartmann and Madame Alexander!

The Alexander Doll Company has announced that they are now the sole U.S. distributor of world famous doll designer and sculptor Sonja Hartmann’s exquisite 18″ Kidz ‘n’ Cats® collectible fashion dolls.  Many retailers have been successfully importing and selling Sonja’s creations  for years. Now Alexander Doll company can offer to their retailers easy access to the product being shipped directly from their New York warehouse.
Sonja Hartmann established her company, Heart and Soul in year 2000, but has been designing and sculpting dolls since 1981 when Sonja developed her first doll for her newborn daughter Gesa. Her Kidz ‘n’ Cats collection is inspired by children’s contemporary, fresh fashions and the jointed dolls look startlingly real.
The  Sonja Hartmann Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls level of detail, quality and style are akin to the best of Madame Alexander. All the dolls are wigged with set-in eyes, eye lashes and a body that bends in nine  places. (neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees).  Upon viewing the dolls you can immediately appreciate what a world class German doll designer and sculptor Sonja really is.  The faces are exquisite, hair true to life and clothing fit for the best children boutiques.
The level of realistic detail on the doll and in the outfits makes these dolls true masterpieces. Alexander has introduced 12 dolls and 9 additional outfits to be available in stores June 2010.  To view and order dolls visit Quality Dolls web site. Doll are already in demand and the first shipment is selling out fast.  Pre-orders are recommended.
Madame Alexander states that this is the first time the company has imported another brand in its 87 year history.  Visit Quality-Dolls  at our site for Lee Middleton & Madame Alexander collectible and play dolls.

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