Friday, March 16, 2012

Pan Am Stewardess -

Pan Am Stewardesses - Inspired by  the New TV  show 'Pan Am'  that aired this winter on ABC. Being in my 60's I love watching this show, and gather a great deal of the life portrayed by the cast was not all fiction. Glamor, prestige, espionage, love, and stylish women.  Depicting a time when Air Travel was fun and exciting, when you dressed in your nice clothes and traveled in style.  Very un-like today's air travel where you feel like a herd of cattle.    I have read this show may have been cut-and not return for another season, which in my opinion would be a real shame!!

 There will probably be many dolls fashioned after these Pan Am Stewardesses, but Madame Alexander,  known for their impeccable detail in their clothing designs, will far out-do all others.  These two Pan Am Girls will be available come July 2012. The Blonde is a 16-inch Alex doll and the Brunette is a 10-inch Cissette Doll.   They are Limited Editions and will sell out very quickly.  You may pre-order to ensure receiving one of your own. Below is Alexander's detailed description of these Dolls: 

"Our Pan Am Stewardess Collectible Dolls are inspired by the stylish women who created the panache for which the airline is still know today, many years after the airline stopped flying.  Pan Am - the world famous airline was know for its world-class service, distinctive style, and its glamorous stewardesses. Those women who flew for Pan Am had a reputation for being the best looking in the business and no one ever failed to notice how impeccable groomed they were in their trademark "Pan Am Blue' outfits.  Alexander's two stewardesses meet the standard set by those flight attendants and present a look that would make any airline proud."

"Our 10-inch Stewardess (Edition size 200) is a fully-articulated Cissette with blue eyes and a black bob with bangs. And 16-inch fully- articulated Alex ( Edition size 150) with brown eyes and a side-parted ivory page boy, both wear the classic Pan Am stewardess outfit. Their fitted blue twill suit features black buttons on the jacket and sleeves, a white shirt attached to her slender-cut skirt and an organza scarf that's worn at the neck.  Her matching pillbox hat is trimmed with white satin piping and a Pan Am pin.  Includes classic White gloves; black pumps; pantyhose; a Pan Am "wing" pin on the jacket; and an iconic blue twill travel bag with blue grosgrain straps and the Pan Am logo.  Officially licensed by Pan American Airways". 
They are very reasonably priced at $139.95 and $169.95.


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