Thursday, October 17, 2013

What happened to Lee Middleton Dolls & Madame Alexander Dolls?

In 2010 Madame Alexander Dolls purchased Lee Middleton Dolls.  Alexander Dolls may have had good intentions, but as a long time retailer of Middleton dolls, it was very frustrating and sad to see the Middleton babies put to the side in their priorities.  Dolls were scheduled to arrive the Summer of that year, but never were received until late October, November. The ASC dolls were made of a different vinyl and not accepted well by the lovers and collectors of  Middleton Dolls.  The next year were promises of better timing, but ended up being worst .  The Middleton Artist Studio Dolls were discontinued and the other products were even later, so late most retailer stopped stocking them.
In June of 2012 Alexander Dolls was sold to  KLL Dolls, (Kahn Lucas). Kahn Lucas main interest was the line of Alexander Favorite Friends Play Dolls. Favorite Friends dolls are 18" dolls similar to American Girls dolls, but at a lower price.  KLL continued with many of the other Alexander 8" collectibles and play dolls placing them in their displays in large retail stores. Only the Middleton Nursery Babies were continued, all others we were informed would not be continued.   As one of the top ten Middleton Retailers, it was a heart breaking time and the destruction of my and many dolls business that specialized in Middleton Dolls.
What I am Doing Now
In Spring of 2009 Middleton Dolls introduced a new line of Reborn Doll kits. Not only were they a success but they sparked my interest in Reborn Baby Dolls.  When the company closed I purchased the remaining stock of Reborn kits and decided to become a Reborn Artist.  After many years and many hours of practice I have accomplished that goal.  I now reborn the Middleton Doll kits, Secrist baby dolls, and Bountiful Babies. Babies are made to order, with your choice of eye and hair color.  My Blog now continues showing the finer art of reborn babies.
 Hope you will join us often

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