Friday, March 16, 2012

Pan Am Stewardess -

Pan Am Stewardesses - Inspired by  the New TV  show 'Pan Am'  that aired this winter on ABC. Being in my 60's I love watching this show, and gather a great deal of the life portrayed by the cast was not all fiction. Glamor, prestige, espionage, love, and stylish women.  Depicting a time when Air Travel was fun and exciting, when you dressed in your nice clothes and traveled in style.  Very un-like today's air travel where you feel like a herd of cattle.    I have read this show may have been cut-and not return for another season, which in my opinion would be a real shame!!

 There will probably be many dolls fashioned after these Pan Am Stewardesses, but Madame Alexander,  known for their impeccable detail in their clothing designs, will far out-do all others.  These two Pan Am Girls will be available come July 2012. The Blonde is a 16-inch Alex doll and the Brunette is a 10-inch Cissette Doll.   They are Limited Editions and will sell out very quickly.  You may pre-order to ensure receiving one of your own. Below is Alexander's detailed description of these Dolls: 

"Our Pan Am Stewardess Collectible Dolls are inspired by the stylish women who created the panache for which the airline is still know today, many years after the airline stopped flying.  Pan Am - the world famous airline was know for its world-class service, distinctive style, and its glamorous stewardesses. Those women who flew for Pan Am had a reputation for being the best looking in the business and no one ever failed to notice how impeccable groomed they were in their trademark "Pan Am Blue' outfits.  Alexander's two stewardesses meet the standard set by those flight attendants and present a look that would make any airline proud."

"Our 10-inch Stewardess (Edition size 200) is a fully-articulated Cissette with blue eyes and a black bob with bangs. And 16-inch fully- articulated Alex ( Edition size 150) with brown eyes and a side-parted ivory page boy, both wear the classic Pan Am stewardess outfit. Their fitted blue twill suit features black buttons on the jacket and sleeves, a white shirt attached to her slender-cut skirt and an organza scarf that's worn at the neck.  Her matching pillbox hat is trimmed with white satin piping and a Pan Am pin.  Includes classic White gloves; black pumps; pantyhose; a Pan Am "wing" pin on the jacket; and an iconic blue twill travel bag with blue grosgrain straps and the Pan Am logo.  Officially licensed by Pan American Airways". 
They are very reasonably priced at $139.95 and $169.95.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Middleton Doll Newborn Cuddle Babies Review

Middleton Doll (now owned by Madame Alexander Doll Company) introduced a new line of dolls in 2011- The Cuddle Babies.  They arrived late Fall just in time for Christmas shoppers.  The 12 new dolls -dressed as 7 girls and 5 boy dolls came in 5 different Reva Schick face sculpts. Girls Babies are dressed in a very cute pink cotton gown, and the boys are in teal cotton rompers.(pictures below) Both styles come with matching hats and wear diapers under their outfits.  They are boxed in their own special gift box.

Cuddle Babies size and body style is the same as the original Middleton 19" Newborn baby used as: Middleton  NOW dolls, My Own Baby (MOB), and the famous Newborn Nursery Babies. The body slip has jointed disk at the shoulders and hips for easy movement of arms and legs.  The body slip is stuffed with fiber-fill and weighted with poly-beads to the over all weight of 3 lbs. Bodies are attached to the head and vinyl limbs with zip lock straps. The weight gives the doll a life-like feel when holding and the flexibility to sit with natural realism as show in this picture.

Cuddle Babies are a very popular doll with both children and adults. There quality construction provides years of play and a doll to cherish for a life-time.  2011  Alexander Doll suggested retail price was $100.00. In 2012 the price has been raised to $110.  We at Quality Dolls will continue to offer the dolls at our price of $99.00 throughout the Spring and maybe longer.  We not only offer the Cuddly Babies at a lower price, but we also include our own 'Certificate of Adoption' and periodically a gift of a bottle or pacifier.  Stop by our Website and adopt a Cuddle Baby for your special 'little one'.

 Below are the description on the Cuddle Babies now available.

Mommy's Delight; come as boy or girl dolls with blonde or brown hair and blue eyes. As you can see by the picture they have an open mouth that is large enough to fit a (real baby) size bottle or pacifier.  (Pacifier needs to be the straight nipple style)
Angle Love; African American Cuddle Baby also come boy or girl dolls with open mouths large enough to fit a full size bottle or pacifier. They both have big brown eyes and tight curly dark brown/black hair.
Mother's Joy: comes only as a girl doll with a big smile on her face. Her mouth is open enough to play pretend bottle and pacifier.(by pretend I mean a regular size pacifier including the Middleton doll pacifier is too large to be inserted in the mouth- but could be held up to the mouth for pretend)  Mother's Joy may  be purchased as either a brunette with brown eyes or blonde hair and blue eyes.
Baby Face: comes as girls only either with brown hair and brown eyes or as a strawberry blonde hair with blue eyes. Baby Face has big wide open eyes and a somewhat of a surprise look on her face. Her mouth size is also good for pretend bottle and pacifier.
Lil' Peanut; comes as boy dolls only with blonde hair and blue eyes or brown hair and brown eyes.  He has a very lovable face with a look of wonderment. Lil' Peanut face is my favorite. His mouth is also a pretend bottle and pacifier.

Alexander Dolls also provides some adorable additional outfits and shoes to dress and re- dress your Cuddle Babies Dolls. And for hours of play we have the perfect doll furniture and accessories.

Stop by for a visit real soon - Quality Dolls at to adopt your Cuddle Baby

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Marilyn Monroe -Some Like it Hot- Madame Alexander Cissy Doll

Madame Alexanders Hollywood Series doll -  Marilyn Monroe
Some Like it Hot: Marilyn Monroe as "Sugar' Kane Kowalczyk is played by 21-inch fully articulated Cissy with blue eyes and a side-parted, gay-gold chignon that has a loose curl accenting her right eye.  She's wearing a smokin' hot 20"s dress of off-white crinkle chiffon which dips to the waist in back.  The nude mesh bodice of the sexy dress is enhanced with embroidered beads, sequins and metallic silver lace while the body of the dress is rich with metallic silver 'cracked ice' and silver bugle beads.  A metallic silver applique on the left shoulder features strands of silver bugle beads that hang off the front and back of the shoulder.  Off-white stretch lace panties, a luxurious, white 'fur' stole lined in white satin, a silver bracelet, silver and rhinestone earrings and , white satin pumps, with a silver metallic mesh overlay plus silver beads, completes the hot look for Some Like it Hot: Marilyn Monroe As 'Sugar' Kane Kowalczyk who comes with a ukulete.  (Description by Alexander Dolls)
This 2011 Marilyn was introduced as part of the Alexander's Hollywood Series- with a limited edition of 75 pieces.  She is even more beautiful than her picture and is a definitely worth the $499 Alexander price tag. If you are a collector of Marilyn dolls she is a must have.
"Some like it Hot"- Tony Curtis as Joe AKA Shell Oil was announced as a two doll set but never arrived. Maybe at a later date.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Madame Alexander partners with Sonja Hartmann

 Blog posted to my old Blog site on May 12 2010
Announcing a New Partnership between World Famous German doll Designer Sonja Hartmann and Madame Alexander!

The Alexander Doll Company has announced that they are now the sole U.S. distributor of world famous doll designer and sculptor Sonja Hartmann’s exquisite 18″ Kidz ‘n’ Cats® collectible fashion dolls.  Many retailers have been successfully importing and selling Sonja’s creations  for years. Now Alexander Doll company can offer to their retailers easy access to the product being shipped directly from their New York warehouse.
Sonja Hartmann established her company, Heart and Soul in year 2000, but has been designing and sculpting dolls since 1981 when Sonja developed her first doll for her newborn daughter Gesa. Her Kidz ‘n’ Cats collection is inspired by children’s contemporary, fresh fashions and the jointed dolls look startlingly real.
The  Sonja Hartmann Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls level of detail, quality and style are akin to the best of Madame Alexander. All the dolls are wigged with set-in eyes, eye lashes and a body that bends in nine  places. (neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees).  Upon viewing the dolls you can immediately appreciate what a world class German doll designer and sculptor Sonja really is.  The faces are exquisite, hair true to life and clothing fit for the best children boutiques.
The level of realistic detail on the doll and in the outfits makes these dolls true masterpieces. Alexander has introduced 12 dolls and 9 additional outfits to be available in stores June 2010.  To view and order dolls visit Quality Dolls web site. Doll are already in demand and the first shipment is selling out fast.  Pre-orders are recommended.
Madame Alexander states that this is the first time the company has imported another brand in its 87 year history.  Visit Quality-Dolls  at our site for Lee Middleton & Madame Alexander collectible and play dolls.

Middleton Doll Company Purchased by Alexander Doll Company

Blog posted on my old Blog site in March of 2010:

On March 11, 2010 the Middleton Doll Company was purchased by the Alexander Doll Company, aka- Madame Alexander® Dolls.
The business assets of Lee Middleton Dolls have been acquired by Alexander Doll Company. The acquisition was made official on Thursday, March 11, 2010.    CEO of Alexander Doll Company, Robert Porell states in press release, ” the shop and former factory in Belpre was not acquired as part of the business, but is under consideration as a separate purchase.”
As a Lee Middleton Doll retailer- collector- and lover of these unique artist sculpt dolls,  I am pleased that Alexander Dolls is planning to continue selling the Middleton dolls under the Lee Middleton Doll label.  The falling economy hit hard and  Middleton Dolls managed to introduce only eight  new Artist Studio Dolls  in Spring of 2009 -Lovebirds Twins, In Dreamland, Ireland, Blossom Fairy, Bunny Hugs, Baby Cassidy, & Sweet Jasmine and one doll in the fall Precious Hope an exclusive sold by Quality Dolls.
Middleton Doll Company placed a freeze on shipping stock from the warehouse on Tuesday the 9th. and plans to resume as soon as the two “book keeping’ systems can be worked out between the two companies. Middleton doll retailers are still waiting for information on what will happen next.
Playbabies and Newborn Nursery babies are being manufactured as soon as possible and should be available by late summer.  The manufacturing of the NOW (artist dolls for older children) and ASC  dolls (artist dolls for collectors)  is not known.  I have only heard speculation on the possibility of their return sometime next year.
There are many question that have not been answered, for I’m sure there are many decisions to be made.  I am trying to reserve judgment as to how this will effect the future of our ‘beautiful little babies’.  For the collector I see this as a time the value of the dolls introduced up to this point will climb.
This Blog is written and maintained by Susan of  Quality Dolls™.  Quality Dolls is listed by the Middleton Doll Company as one of their top 10 retailers. Quality Dolls offers the full current line of Lee Middleton dolls via of two websites; and
Our hope is to share with you reliable information with updates being posted as new information is made available.  Your comments and questions are welcome.

Why I Sell Lee Middleton Dolls

In 2008 I was searching for a doll on line for my granddaughter and ran across the Lee Middleton Doll website.   Immediately fell in love with their dolls. And you can see why above.  They have a life-like reality to their faces that just captures your heart. Very unlike most vinyl dolls you would find in the traditional toy stores. I bought my granddaughter, Alexa's her first  big girl doll,-Zoe aged for 3 years and up.   I already had a business in Miniature Dollhouses, furniture and supplies and when I spotted the invitation on the Middleton website to become a Dealer.  I thought -what a wonderful idea!  
My intention was to develop a website, sell the dolls and have them 'drop shipped ' from the Middleton Warehouse directly to my customer.  I chose the URL (Domain name) because I intended to offer the complete current line of  Lee Middleton dolls. And within a short time I did have them all inventoried on my website.  Soon I realized to give the best customer service and answer the wide range of customer questions about the individual dolls, I needed to have 'hands on' ability. So I started stocking the dolls.  That is when my house became a Doll Shop and warehouse.
 My love for them grew with each doll, with their impeccable quality soft cloth bodies and perfectly painted vinyl faces & limbs, all dressed in top quality outfits.

A word about Why Lee Middleton dolls are so special
Middleton PlayBabies were and still are specially designed to reflect the stages of a young child's physical and character development.  Many of these dolls also come in ethnic skin tones as well as Asian sculpts giving great diversity. 
Middleton NOW dolls were (I say were because they are no longer being manufactured) collector-quality dolls safety tested for children aged three and up. The same artist sculpts that were used for the ASC (Artist Studio Collection). Their bodies are weighted for realism, but not to the extent of the ASC Dolls. As of this writing I still have several of the NOW dolls in my inventory and offer them at discounted prices, because they need a home! 
The Artist Studio Dolls (ASC) dolls are rated as Collectible dolls for 14 years and up, but many are purchased for younger children, especially by Grandmothers wanting  to give a gift that will be cherished for a life time. Note the dolls are not dangerous for young children, it is just that the manufacture chooses not to have them certified for children. (Certification is expensive for the manufacture)

Over the years there have been many changes in the Middleton doll company that is now owed by Madame Alexander Doll Company.  But one thing that never changed is the Quality of the dolls or my love for them.
 Follow our Blog;  for updates on the New and  retired Middleton and Alexander dolls, with special reviews on the dolls; On my new adventure with Reborn Dolls; and On the ups and downs of owning a doll business in these changing times.
Have a wonderful play-filled day,


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dolls Dolls Dolls -A Gift your little girl will never forget.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls my house is full of them.  I don't think there is a room (including the basement) that does not have a doll or a part of a doll, either in the process of being made, already displayed or boxed ready to ship.
My love of dolls started with my 'Tiny Tears' baby doll over 60 years ago. A baby doll you fed a bottle and she cried real tears. (why I wanted the baby to cry I don't know- I guess I  loved realism even then)  My next favorite was my Madame Alexander Bride doll I received around 1957 give or take a year.. I still have the Bride doll, with her wig replaced. (At some point in my teenager years I thought I was a beautician and cut her beautiful hair. Ruined her hair - gave quickly up that career goal.)    The original Tiny Tears was destroyed by mold,  (which was one of original flaws with the doll) but my daughter gifted me a replica made by Aston Drake a few Christmas's ago.  What a wonderful surprise and gift! 
Over the years I have collected dolls of famous people 'mostly women', or dolls that looked like or reminded me of family members.  So there is no real surprise that 5 years ago I became a doll retailer of Lee Middleton, and Madame Alexander dolls and now have expanded my horizons to Reborn Babies that I paint and assemble. The surprise is- it took me so long.
My purpose for this blog is to share the love of dolls, and my adventure in the world of the doll business. 

My Tiny Tears - Originally manufactured by the American Character Company. First introduced in 1950 made of rubber (that is why they did not last- the rubber rotted over time.) She cried real tears- as did a few other doll of that time. What made Tiny Tears different was that she was filled with water by placing her full bottle in her mouth and squeezing her left arm.  When you removed the empty bottle, squeezing her left arm again would make her shed tears. Below is a Magazine advertisement I found for Tiny Tears. The ad shows Tiny  blowing bubbles, being bathed, and getting a diaper change. Lead caption reads " A Gift your little girl will never forget" OH- How right they were!  I might add - I find that the same sentiment for the Middleton Dolls. 

My Bride Doll:  When I started selling Madame Alexander dolls I did not realize this doll was a Alexander doll.  She is not in the best shape- but looks better now that I have replaced her wig with a Auburn Jessica wig.  She no longer has her shoes, stocking or veil.  Her gown is satin with a crochet trim with rhinestones. Although I can not fine any information on her I believe she has a Margret Face. I can find no marking on her the only thing that tells me she an Alexander doll is the tag in the dress.  LOL - If anyone can shed any information on her it would be appreciated.