Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dolls Dolls Dolls -A Gift your little girl will never forget.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls my house is full of them.  I don't think there is a room (including the basement) that does not have a doll or a part of a doll, either in the process of being made, already displayed or boxed ready to ship.
My love of dolls started with my 'Tiny Tears' baby doll over 60 years ago. A baby doll you fed a bottle and she cried real tears. (why I wanted the baby to cry I don't know- I guess I  loved realism even then)  My next favorite was my Madame Alexander Bride doll I received around 1957 give or take a year.. I still have the Bride doll, with her wig replaced. (At some point in my teenager years I thought I was a beautician and cut her beautiful hair. Ruined her hair - gave quickly up that career goal.)    The original Tiny Tears was destroyed by mold,  (which was one of original flaws with the doll) but my daughter gifted me a replica made by Aston Drake a few Christmas's ago.  What a wonderful surprise and gift! 
Over the years I have collected dolls of famous people 'mostly women', or dolls that looked like or reminded me of family members.  So there is no real surprise that 5 years ago I became a doll retailer of Lee Middleton, and Madame Alexander dolls and now have expanded my horizons to Reborn Babies that I paint and assemble. The surprise is- it took me so long.
My purpose for this blog is to share the love of dolls, and my adventure in the world of the doll business. 

My Tiny Tears - Originally manufactured by the American Character Company. First introduced in 1950 made of rubber (that is why they did not last- the rubber rotted over time.) She cried real tears- as did a few other doll of that time. What made Tiny Tears different was that she was filled with water by placing her full bottle in her mouth and squeezing her left arm.  When you removed the empty bottle, squeezing her left arm again would make her shed tears. Below is a Magazine advertisement I found for Tiny Tears. The ad shows Tiny  blowing bubbles, being bathed, and getting a diaper change. Lead caption reads " A Gift your little girl will never forget" OH- How right they were!  I might add - I find that the same sentiment for the Middleton Dolls. 

My Bride Doll:  When I started selling Madame Alexander dolls I did not realize this doll was a Alexander doll.  She is not in the best shape- but looks better now that I have replaced her wig with a Auburn Jessica wig.  She no longer has her shoes, stocking or veil.  Her gown is satin with a crochet trim with rhinestones. Although I can not fine any information on her I believe she has a Margret Face. I can find no marking on her the only thing that tells me she an Alexander doll is the tag in the dress.  LOL - If anyone can shed any information on her it would be appreciated.

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