Friday, March 2, 2012

Middleton Doll Company Purchased by Alexander Doll Company

Blog posted on my old Blog site in March of 2010:

On March 11, 2010 the Middleton Doll Company was purchased by the Alexander Doll Company, aka- Madame Alexander® Dolls.
The business assets of Lee Middleton Dolls have been acquired by Alexander Doll Company. The acquisition was made official on Thursday, March 11, 2010.    CEO of Alexander Doll Company, Robert Porell states in press release, ” the shop and former factory in Belpre was not acquired as part of the business, but is under consideration as a separate purchase.”
As a Lee Middleton Doll retailer- collector- and lover of these unique artist sculpt dolls,  I am pleased that Alexander Dolls is planning to continue selling the Middleton dolls under the Lee Middleton Doll label.  The falling economy hit hard and  Middleton Dolls managed to introduce only eight  new Artist Studio Dolls  in Spring of 2009 -Lovebirds Twins, In Dreamland, Ireland, Blossom Fairy, Bunny Hugs, Baby Cassidy, & Sweet Jasmine and one doll in the fall Precious Hope an exclusive sold by Quality Dolls.
Middleton Doll Company placed a freeze on shipping stock from the warehouse on Tuesday the 9th. and plans to resume as soon as the two “book keeping’ systems can be worked out between the two companies. Middleton doll retailers are still waiting for information on what will happen next.
Playbabies and Newborn Nursery babies are being manufactured as soon as possible and should be available by late summer.  The manufacturing of the NOW (artist dolls for older children) and ASC  dolls (artist dolls for collectors)  is not known.  I have only heard speculation on the possibility of their return sometime next year.
There are many question that have not been answered, for I’m sure there are many decisions to be made.  I am trying to reserve judgment as to how this will effect the future of our ‘beautiful little babies’.  For the collector I see this as a time the value of the dolls introduced up to this point will climb.
This Blog is written and maintained by Susan of  Quality Dolls™.  Quality Dolls is listed by the Middleton Doll Company as one of their top 10 retailers. Quality Dolls offers the full current line of Lee Middleton dolls via of two websites; and
Our hope is to share with you reliable information with updates being posted as new information is made available.  Your comments and questions are welcome.

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