Monday, March 5, 2012

Middleton Doll Newborn Cuddle Babies Review

Middleton Doll (now owned by Madame Alexander Doll Company) introduced a new line of dolls in 2011- The Cuddle Babies.  They arrived late Fall just in time for Christmas shoppers.  The 12 new dolls -dressed as 7 girls and 5 boy dolls came in 5 different Reva Schick face sculpts. Girls Babies are dressed in a very cute pink cotton gown, and the boys are in teal cotton rompers.(pictures below) Both styles come with matching hats and wear diapers under their outfits.  They are boxed in their own special gift box.

Cuddle Babies size and body style is the same as the original Middleton 19" Newborn baby used as: Middleton  NOW dolls, My Own Baby (MOB), and the famous Newborn Nursery Babies. The body slip has jointed disk at the shoulders and hips for easy movement of arms and legs.  The body slip is stuffed with fiber-fill and weighted with poly-beads to the over all weight of 3 lbs. Bodies are attached to the head and vinyl limbs with zip lock straps. The weight gives the doll a life-like feel when holding and the flexibility to sit with natural realism as show in this picture.

Cuddle Babies are a very popular doll with both children and adults. There quality construction provides years of play and a doll to cherish for a life-time.  2011  Alexander Doll suggested retail price was $100.00. In 2012 the price has been raised to $110.  We at Quality Dolls will continue to offer the dolls at our price of $99.00 throughout the Spring and maybe longer.  We not only offer the Cuddly Babies at a lower price, but we also include our own 'Certificate of Adoption' and periodically a gift of a bottle or pacifier.  Stop by our Website and adopt a Cuddle Baby for your special 'little one'.

 Below are the description on the Cuddle Babies now available.

Mommy's Delight; come as boy or girl dolls with blonde or brown hair and blue eyes. As you can see by the picture they have an open mouth that is large enough to fit a (real baby) size bottle or pacifier.  (Pacifier needs to be the straight nipple style)
Angle Love; African American Cuddle Baby also come boy or girl dolls with open mouths large enough to fit a full size bottle or pacifier. They both have big brown eyes and tight curly dark brown/black hair.
Mother's Joy: comes only as a girl doll with a big smile on her face. Her mouth is open enough to play pretend bottle and pacifier.(by pretend I mean a regular size pacifier including the Middleton doll pacifier is too large to be inserted in the mouth- but could be held up to the mouth for pretend)  Mother's Joy may  be purchased as either a brunette with brown eyes or blonde hair and blue eyes.
Baby Face: comes as girls only either with brown hair and brown eyes or as a strawberry blonde hair with blue eyes. Baby Face has big wide open eyes and a somewhat of a surprise look on her face. Her mouth size is also good for pretend bottle and pacifier.
Lil' Peanut; comes as boy dolls only with blonde hair and blue eyes or brown hair and brown eyes.  He has a very lovable face with a look of wonderment. Lil' Peanut face is my favorite. His mouth is also a pretend bottle and pacifier.

Alexander Dolls also provides some adorable additional outfits and shoes to dress and re- dress your Cuddle Babies Dolls. And for hours of play we have the perfect doll furniture and accessories.

Stop by for a visit real soon - Quality Dolls at to adopt your Cuddle Baby


  1. Wow!! I must say you have a excellent collection and the dresses are also awesome and in my opinion toys are the most precious things for kids,Actually they are just like friends for them.
    baby dolls

    1. I Totally Agree- My granddaughter now 8 years, plays school with her dolls and also brings them to partner with her in playing board games. My grandson- now 11 years- befriended Mike the Kidz n Cats Boy doll. Thanks for your comment.