Monday, May 25, 2009

What is it about Lee Middleton Dolls that makes them so Special?

30 Years and Counting:
Lee Middleton Doll Company celebrates Thirty Years: Lee Middleton-Urick captured the beauty and innocence of childhood 30 years ago while sculpting at her kitchen table. Since then, Middleton Doll has introduced thousands of dolls in various skin tones, eye colors and sizes sculpted by many talented doll Artist.

Masterpiece of Realism:
Artist Studio Collection dolls are limited edition, hand numbered babies. They are styled as either infant, newborn or toddler body styles and made of soft ‘Baby Skin’ vinyl. Each doll sculpt is a masterpiece in itself capturing the very personality of the child it represents. They are hand painted, lashed, and exquisitely dressed. The dolls are so life-like that many have been mistaken as real babies. In fact the Breath of Life series dolls actually appears to breath. Dolls and/or individual faces are retired after a pre-defined amount of time to insure them as collectibles. Middleton babies reach right into your heart and hold it captive.

Personality Plus:
This life-likeness does not stop with the collector dolls, but carries over to the Middleton NOW and PlayBaby dolls designed for children. The NOW dolls are designed with the same three body styles as the ASC dolls. Each Middleton doll has a unique face and expression all their own. While other dolls companies manufacture dolls to have that perfect little look alike doll face with different hair or eye colors. Middleton NOW dolls have different face shapes, with different expressions. They not only have different color hair, but also different lengths, straight or curly and easily combed. NOW dolls come in light, medium and dark skin tones, some even of Asian decent. They come as girl or boy dolls styled for girls and boys to befriend. Boys you ask? --Well yes, boys need friend too.

Child Development:PlayBabies are styled for children in different stages- newborn, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2, 3 and 4 years. They also come with beautiful one of a kind faces, different skin tones, removable clothes, washable bodies and meet the best in safety standards. Your little girl or boy will learn how to love and nurture with these life-like babies.

Grandmother Approved:Lots of parents purchase Middleton dolls for their children, although I have found more dolls are purchased by Grandmothers for their Granddaughters. I think the reason for that is Grandparents do not think as much about pricing as they do about the quality. Grandmothers think of the memories the doll will hold for years to come and how that doll will become a keepsake and be cherished for many years after they themselves have passed-on.

Tradition Passed On:Lee Middleton died suddenly in 1997 of heart failure. A fellow doll Artist Reva Schick took over the company and just like Lee, Reva has a strong religious background and credits her artistic talents to God. Lee always tucked a tiny Bible into each ASC doll box and Reva has continued that tradition. Giving God honor, not only for their talent, but by passing on- Gods love through His Word.

What is so Special about Middleton dolls? - All of the above and when you hold your own doll or see your child interact with theirs you will truly understand why.

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